Basic Training Package

Workout templates are ideal for people who want freedom and lower costs with their exercise plan. We offer three tiers of workout templates, each with more or less interaction with us, depending on what you need, and varying features to meet different needs of different people.


Do understand that if you are unfamiliar with exercise, significantly overweight, or have another aggravating condition such as an injury, the workout template may not be the best option for you—one of our full training programs would be better. That said, you can still purchase the workout template.

What to expect from our the Standard and Premium options

The differences between the Standard and Premium Template options are access to the training app and ongoing support versus receiving the plans in document form, which you can keep for life.


Standard Template—you receive a customized plan that is delivered as an Excel spreadsheet with a Word document explaining the program in detail. This option is ideal for people who prefer "old-school" tracking via a pen and paper, as the Excel spreadsheet can be printed and used to track workouts. At the same time, some people do not like apps for tracking and/or do not want the ongoing support of a trainer and instead prefer to keep control of their training, with the help of a program created by a trainer.


Premium Template—you receive a customized plan but also receive access to the training app and a trainer for three months. This option is ideal for individuals who enjoy using technology and/or want ongoing support from a trainer. You have full use of every feature in the app as well as unlimited ability to ask questions, regular review of your program, and changes to the program over time.


Regardless of the options you choose, your workout plan:


  • Is customized to you

  • Is built around your schedule

  • Focuses on the type of exercise you like (e.g. bodybuilding, running, powerlifting, cross-training, etc.)

  • Follows the principles of exercise programming such as specificity, periodization, progression, variety, etc.

  • Is 12 weeks in length

  • Will help you reach your goals


The program will be built according to your skill level, among other factors. Why is this important? This helps determine:


  • Frequency of training (number of sessions per week)

  • Length of sessions (time spent during a single session)

  • Time between sessions (number of rest days between workouts)

  • Total rest days per week

  • Type of exercises included

  • Volume (exercises x sets x reps)

  • Rest intervals (how long you rest between sets/exercise)

  • Type of progressions (which variable changes over time)

  • Rate of progression (the pace at which intensity increases)


With one of our programs you can expect one or more of the following results (depending on your goal):


  • Strength improvements (higher one-rep max)

  • Increased cardiovascular fitness (able to go further, longer)

  • Increased muscular endurance (the ability to do more reps)

  • Loss of body fat

  • Increased lean body mass (muscle)

  • Increased speed (faster run times, bike times, etc.)

  • Improved overall fitness