Nutrition Plans

The Basic Nutrition Plan is ideal for the "average person" seeking a healthy diet plan for weight loss and/or general fitness and performance improvements. This service includes the initial nutrition assessment, custom nutritional strategy, ongoing bi-weekly follow-up calls for the duration of your time working with us, periodic adjustment of the nutrition strategy, track progress, and constant support from your online nutrition coach. There is a heavy emphasis on nutrition education. The cost is $60 per month or $120 for three months.


With certifications in fitness nutrition, sports nutrition, and other areas, as well as years of experience helping persons learn the ins and outs of nutrition, we can create a plan to help you meet your goals.


*Note: the calls are preferable, but the process can be completed 100% online via a "virtual" consultation and "virtual" follow-ups, which occur via email/messages.*


What you get:


  • Initial nutrition assessment and consultation call-we take time to learn about you so we can create a plan just for you,appointment in our training studio if your from the area.

  • Custom 14-day meal plan-a plan customized to you is the best plan to help you reach your goals

  • Meal plan revisions—the meal plan will be revised over time to account for your changing needs and goals

  • Ongoing follow-up calls—we'll have ongoing bi-weekly follow-up calls for the duration of your time working with us to help you keep on track

  • Nutrition education-we'll help you understand what your key focus areas should be and how to continue the process on your own. 

  • 24/7 access to us send us a message at any time

  • Personalized dashboard to see programs, track results, etc. 

  • Body stat tracking-track and view changes in your weight, fat, body composition, and other numbers


What to expect from the online nutrition plan


After you pay for the program, we send you an email confirming payment. You will then receive emails .


Once you're set-up and the documents are complete, we set-up your nutritional consultation with your online nutritionist. This consult takes up to 60 minutes to complete. During the session, we discuss your goals, review information provided in your intake documents, and begin to delve into why you have been unable to achieve your goals. The exact topics covered vary based on your goals and needs. This session ends with us providing you steps to complete on your own before our next conversation, steps which begin the process of you reaching your goals.


Dependent on the nature of your goals, you will complete steps that allow us to create your nutrition plan, including but not limited to nutrition tracking for up to two weeks, submitting body stat data, and providing information about food preferences.


We have another nutrition session, during which we continue the conversation started in the first meeting as well as review any new information, such as the nutrition tracking. At the end, we provide you with steps to keep moving toward your goal. After the conversation, we create your custom nutrition plan and deliver it to you.


At this point, the process is entirely customized to the client. This means all follow-up calls, messages, and interactions will address the unique issues the client presents. No two people are the same, nor are their goals, barriers, and other situational factors, such as fitness level. For this reason, we cannot state exactly what will happen during the rest of the process, except to say you will have follow-up calls, review and adjustment of your nutrition strategy, ongoing communication, and our full attention to help you reach your goals.


During the entire process, you have 24-7 access to us via messages. We generally respond within a few hours but will respond in no more than 24 hours.

  You can cancel at any time.