01 Nov

Facts about New Life HGH Gel

New Life claims to have these 3 ingredients in the HGH Gel
a) Glandula Suprarenalls Suis 6X
b) Thyroidinum ( Bovine ) 8X
c) HGH 30X
Unfortunately none of the first two ingredients were present in the product when tested by an independent lab, actual ingredient in the product is HGH 30 X.
Now for the science about what it is :
The X indicates a 1 to 10 dilution, as stated in the New Life HGH Gel the HGH ingredient has been succussed and diluted X30 or 30 times using a 1 to 10 dilution .They start at 1 part in 10 and range up to 1 part in 30 ( 30 X ) 1X is the starting point for dilution then dilute it that 1X again and again to 30X , so each additional X becomes 10 times more diluted than the previous. At 3X your looking ( 1^3 ) ( 1 in 1000 ) at 6X this is approximatley the amout of floride in drinking water ,,,,,
8X = 10 parts per billion 24X is where a beaker of the product has around a 50/50 chance of having ( 1 molecule ) of the active ingredient in it , so you can imagine what it would have a a 30 X dilution . Although the 30 X sounds great you now see the science behind it , but for all those who think this is not the facts , here is a simple way to find out , schedule a blood test before using the product , then use the product and have another blood test done and compare ( yes this has been done ) and you will see for yourself other than a placebo effect you have purchased a very expensive MLM ( Multi Level Marketing Product ) Best to all in health & Fitness.

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