11 Nov

So, you want to get in shape?
The truth about losing weight is not as simple as looking at the scale and seeing the numbers go down.  People who are working on losing weight should be more concerned with body fat loss than just weight loss.
Your weight is a total of two things: Fat Free Mass (FFM) and Fat Mass (FM)
The FFM is made up of bones, skelatal muscle, and non skelatal muscles. FFM contains 19.5% protein, 72.4% water, 8% skelatal minerals and 0.1% of glycogen.  Weight can be lost by decreasing your FFM, however without reducing your FM you will still have fat and not look good .

The ONLY way to start looking great and show your definined muscles is to reduce your FM.
What to do?
To have a well defined body, you must have a proper meal plan, resistance training and aerobic training.  Weight training is important for the following reasons:
AESTHETIC: Building muscle is important for having a muscular and fit body look.
PHYSIOLOGICAL :By increasing your FFM you will increase the Mitochondria, which will increase the energy centers of the cell.  These cells are the ones which use fat as energy!
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How important is nutrition?

Very important.  Nutrition is the most important key from which the effectiveness of a good weight training and aerobic training depend on.  
How to use your heart rate during exercise.
The ideal heart rate for aerobics would be 65-75% of your maximum heart rate.  The easiest way of determining your Max Heart Rate is the number 220 minus your age.  Stay within your training heart rate of 65-75 % of your maximim heart rate for 30 min while doing aerobics.

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