Have you ever ATTEMPTED to get more fit?
Most of us have been there.  You get fed up with the way your body looks and you are determined to do something about it.  You buy some work out clothes, get a gym membership, stock up on fruits and vegetables and figure you are on your way!  On the day of your workout you eat an apple, put on your new work out clothes and head to the gym.  When you get there, you realize you're not exactly sure what to do.  You figure you'll just try the various machines around the place.  Maybe you start copying other people around you.  But, hmm, how many reps you should be doing?  And when do you stop before going on to the next machine?  You get a little flustered and figure that maybe it's just easier to get on the treadmill or elliptical for an hour instead.  That should be enough....or is it?  After some time has past, you don't see the results you had hoped for and eventually your quest stops all together.  Any of this sound familiar?
Eliminate all of the confusion and join Power Plus Personal Training!  We offer the most affordable personal training services on the island.  Come to our gym and our personal trainer will guide you through every workout and give you a meal plan to suite your particular needs!  Leave all the technical stuff to us!  First, start off with a Personal Fitness Assessment of where your body is currently.  Body fat, lean mass and BMI (Body Mass Index) will all be determined and our personal trainer will explain the game plan of how to achieve your fitness goals.  Your personal progress will be monitored in your chart regularly so you can accurately see how your body composition is changing.  We all know that numbers don't lie.  Be loyal to your meal plan and workouts and watch your body change!
Power Plus Personal Training can help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.  Our clients include anyone from teens to elderly, novice body builders to professional and everyone in between!  Whether it's for rehabilitation from an injury, sports specific training to better your game or just general wellness and good health, Power Plus Personal Training is the place for you!  
Call us today at 808-635-4447 to set up an appointmernt for your free Personal Fitness Assessment...the start to a healthier, stronger you!